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What I Learned In The Midst Of Kaos

Author : LaMarr Darnell Shields
language : en
Release Date : 2015-11-01

Download What I Learned In The Midst Of Kaos written by LaMarr Darnell Shields and has been published by this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2015-11-01 with African American boys categories.

Linking Health And Education For African American Students Success

Author : Nadine M. Finigan-Carr
language : en
Publisher: CRC Press
Release Date : 2017-03-16

Download Linking Health And Education For African American Students Success written by Nadine M. Finigan-Carr and has been published by CRC Press this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2017-03-16 with Business & Economics categories.

The linkages between a student’s health and a student’s ability to learn have been well established. Children who are sick stay home; and, children at home cannot learn if they are not in school leading to increased dropout rates among other educational outcomes. However, an understanding of this concept is just the beginning of understanding how education and public health are inextricably linked. ? In light of this, Linking Health and Education for African American Students’ Success examines health disparities and education inequities simultaneously and moves beyond a basic understanding of health and education in K-12 school programs. The structural inequalities which lead to reduced academic attainment mirror the social determinants of health. Education is one of the most powerful determinants of health, and disparities in educational achievement as a result of structural inequalities closely track disparities in health. These disparities lead to both sub-standard healthcare and reduced academic attainment among children from underserved minorities in the United States, especially African Americans. ? This book discusses how this may result in children with poorer mental health outcomes; higher school dropout rates; increased risks of arrests and incarceration; higher rates of chronic diseases and mortality; and overall diminished opportunities for success, while providing suggestions as to how to address these issues. This results in an insightful read for researchers, academics and practitioners in the fields of healthcare and education.

Kaos Obsidere The Nightmare Has Begun

Author : D.C. McGannon
language : en
Publisher: Dark Waters Press
Release Date : 2015-08-25

Download Kaos Obsidere The Nightmare Has Begun written by D.C. McGannon and has been published by Dark Waters Press this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2015-08-25 with Fiction categories.

Seven short stories from best-selling authors D.C. McGannon & C. Michael McGannon. The stories take place in the fictional worlds of Divinity, FL, and the dark, foreboding City of Apocalypse. "Creepy as hell." "Irreverent, bizarre. I'm sleeping with the lights on tonight." The first in a volume of 3 books in an expanding, connected universe. Experience the psychological, physical, and spiritual darkness for yourself, ranging from the subtle to the extreme. "Very scary stuff. [The] Gravewindow is a favorite of mine. Transient is terrifying. Skin is visceral. It's like looking under a magnifying glass, decay up close and personal, and it's really disgusting." "Terrifying!" "... I love this book! I want two copies ... this is premium stuff!" BONUS: Includes author notes for each story and definitions. Also included, the seventh story "Carnival Street" that links the worlds of Divinity, FL and the City of Apocalypse in a most "terrifying" and "disturbing" way. Experience the " ... visceral terror ..." "The writing really stands out ... superb ... rich!" "I'm going to take a short break from this horror ... and breathe some fresh air. You just had to give me the creeps!" Intended for mature audiences only, due to language, graphic description, violence, and themes.

The Trouble With Black Boys

Author : Pedro A. Noguera
language : en
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Release Date : 2009-06-03

Download The Trouble With Black Boys written by Pedro A. Noguera and has been published by John Wiley & Sons this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2009-06-03 with Education categories.

For many years to come, race will continue to be a source of controversy and conflict in American society. For many of us it will continue to shape where we live, pray, go to school, and socialize. We cannot simply wish away the existence of race or racism, but we can take steps to lessen the ways in which the categories trap and confine us. Educators, who should be committed to helping young people realize their intellectual potential as they make their way toward adulthood, have a responsibility to help them find ways to expand identities related to race so that they can experience the fullest possibility of all that they may become. In this brutally honest—yet ultimately hopeful— book Pedro Noguera examines the many facets of race in schools and society and reveals what it will take to improve outcomes for all students. From achievement gaps to immigration, Noguera offers a rich and compelling picture of a complex issue that affects all of us.

The Ask And The Answer

Author : Patrick Ness
language : en
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Release Date : 2010-10-18

Download The Ask And The Answer written by Patrick Ness and has been published by Candlewick Press this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2010-10-18 with Juvenile Fiction categories.

Alternate chapters follow teenagers Todd and Viola, who become separated as the Mayor's oppressive new regime takes power in New Prentisstown, a space colony where residents can hear each other's thoughts.


Author : Bernard Beckett
language : en
Publisher: Emblem Editions
Release Date : 2011-11-29

Download Genesis written by Bernard Beckett and has been published by Emblem Editions this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2011-11-29 with Fiction categories.

A brilliant and chilling dystopia for a new generation in the tradition of Brave New World. “‘Explain to us why you wish to enter The Academy.’” Anaximander, a young Academy candidate, is put through a gruelling exam. Her special subject: the life of Adam Forde, her long-dead hero. It’s late in the 21st century and the island Republic has emerged from a ruined, plague-ridden world, its citizens safe, but not free, and living in complete isolation from outside contact. Approaching planes are gunned down, refugees shot on sight. Until a man named Adam Forde rescued a girl from the sea. “Anaximander, we have asked you to consider why it is you would like to join the Academy. Is your answer ready?” To answer that question, Anaximander must struggle with everything she has ever known about herself and her beloved Republic’s history, the nature of being human, of being conscious, and even what it means to have a soul. And when everything has been laid bare, she must confront the Republic’s last great secret, her own surprising link to Adam Forde, and the horrifying truth about her world. From the Hardcover edition.


Author : Suelette Dreyfus
language : en
Publisher: Canongate Books
Release Date : 2012-01-05

Download Underground written by Suelette Dreyfus and has been published by Canongate Books this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2012-01-05 with True Crime categories.

Suelette Dreyfus and her co-author, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, tell the extraordinary true story of the computer underground, and the bizarre lives and crimes of an elite ring of international hackers who took on the establishment. Spanning three continents and a decade of high level infiltration, they created chaos amongst some of the world’s biggest and most powerful organisations, including NASA and the US military. Brilliant and obsessed, many of them found themselves addicted to hacking and phreaking. Some descended into drugs and madness, others ended up in jail. As riveting as the finest detective novel and meticulously researched, Underground follows the hackers through their crimes, their betrayals, the hunt, raids and investigations. It is a gripping tale of the digital underground.